Keynote 3: Martijn Meeter

Deze lezing is een keynote van de WALS. Hij is toegankelijk voor deelnemers aan de Holland Dag. De voertaal is Engels.

Teacher expectations: Can secondary school teachers predict how well their pupils will do?

Many powerful pedagogies are based on the idea that teachers adapt their lessons to their students’ current needs. However, can teachers actually assess those needs, and see how much students have learned in class? Intuitively, yes, but if lesson study shows one thing, it is how much there is to learn if teachers truly focus on individual students and their learning. Research tells us the same story: that while teachers can assess and predict learning of their students to some extent, there is also room for improvement.Here, we will focus on studies that look at how teachers in secondary schools get to know a new class of students. I will show what information they use to form expectations about their students, and how their insight into their students improves over time. I will also discuss individual differences between teachers, and the role that the quality of assessment plays in getting to know your students.

Martijn Meeter is a professor of education sciences at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands. Since 2015 he has served as director of the LEARN research institute and of the teacher training program at Vrije Universiteit. His research focuses on learning, using traditional methods of education research as well as techniques drawn from cognitive neuroscience, such as computational modelling and EEG. He has also studied clinical populations and conducted surveys in several African countries.