Keynote 2 – Dr. Aki Murata (presentatie in het Engels)

Since lesson study attracted International attention in early 2000s, many educators attempted to adopt it outside of Japan, often modifying it to meet their specific local needs. In this talk, Dr. Murata discusses findings from her current research project on how lesson study has been implemented at district, school, and classroom levels in Florida, USA. With the state-wide adoption of lesson study, different stakeholders made decisions to use it with varied goals and structures in Florida. The data indicate while lesson study spreads, the depth of teacher learning may remain constant if targeted support isn’t provided. Implications and future needs will be discussed.

Korte biografie

Aki Murata is an Associate Professor of Mathematics and Teacher Education at University of Florida, United States of America. She has engaged in lesson study work for the past fifteen years and is considered as one of the prominent lesson study scholars in the field. Her research focuses on how teachers and students learn through lesson study, and she has published widely in high-impact journals and books. She has conducted multiple research projects with lesson study internationally, as well as supported various lesson study efforts by giving presentations, facilitating lesson study groups, and serving as a knowledgeable other. Her work meaningfully bridges theory and practice, by providing theoretical background for teachers to make sense of classroom practices, while informing research with classroom-based data. She addresses teacher learning at different professional levels and provides a cross-cultural lens in implementation of lesson study.